Future articles

This site is available for anyone to contribute well researched, well written, mountain related articles. They are hosted for free and if you like, they can have advertisements to earn a little money. 

Personally, as the host of the site, I have several partly finished articles and some of them will eventually appear on this site. If you want to see one send me a message as that will motivate me to give it a higher priority.

  • Hotham century: 100 years of skiing at Mt Hotham. A long term project to be published in 2024. The book plan and a few sections have already been written, but I’m more than happy to collaborate with other authors. It may be published on this site, but I’d prefer it to be a printed book if I can obtain the voluntary services of a photo editor, a book (or graphic) designer and a good editor, with any profits going to them. Alternately a sponsor to cover the costs of producing a book would be most welcome. Please email australianmountains (at) gmail.com

  • Ski resort maps. A page showing every historic ski resort map I can find as a compliment to the very popular ski lift directory. It is in the Main articles tab, but it's pretty rough at this stage. More maps will be added and the format will be improved when I find the time.

  • Trees and wood of the mountains. A guide to 20 of the most distinctive trees we see in the high country with brief sections on areas like their characteristics, where they grow, and what their wood is used for.

  • A history of Cope Hut on the Bogong High Plains in Victoria.

  • An article on Australian ski lift manufacturers. Sadly all are long gone, but for a few decades, local manufacturers held their own against foreign companies.

  • A transcript of an interview with Alfred Gregory (1913 - 2010), pre war mountaineer and member of the 1953 expedition that was the first to climb Mt Everest.

  • An annotated bibliography of the Victorian High Country covering over 300 books. Eventually this may be broadened to cover the Snowy Mountains of NSW and the Highlands of Tasmania.

  • A history of hydro electricity in Victoria. From the acknowledgements section of Klaus Hueneke's Hut's in the Victorian Alps."... David Sisson checked the manuscript for historical accuracy... David is finishing a book on the history of hydro electricity in Victoria". Well I did finish writing that book, all 100,000 words of it. However in those days I didn't have the funds or the motivation to self publish it as a book nor the knowledge to do it as a web site. But I'll haul it out of the boxes it's stored in, tidy it up and publish it here.

  • Reviews of walks guidebooks covering south eastern Australia. Years ago a number of my reviews were published in magazines. I may republish them together with new reviews of recent books.

  • I will probably also write a few more descriptions of good walks that don't appear in recently published guidebooks.

I'm also considering a blog to answer questions on high country related subjects. I mostly write on subjects that haven't been covered before, but I'm happy to summarise the work of other authors and point people to the relevant books and articles. Where a subject hasn't been written about in detail, it's a lot easier for me to give a quick informal answer of a few paragraphs rather than compile a full article and double check that everything is correct and accurate. Email me if there is something on mountain history or hiking in south-eastern Australia you want to know more about and I'll do my best to respond promptly.

If  you're interested, email me at australianmountains (at) gmail.com or phone 04 2585 7269. David Sisson.

Frenchmans Cap from a ridge north of the Irenabyss. © David Sisson.

Frenchmans Cap from a ridge north of the Irenabyss. © David Sisson.